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Note that this task is for adding indexes for alignment to a subset of the genome (e.g. the transcriptome). If you want to align to the whole genome, see Adding Reference Aligner Indexes.


On the library file management page, click the green plus () icon next to the Annotation models section header and choose Aligner index from the Library type drop-down list in the dialog (Figure 1). Alternatively, click the Add library file button, and choose Aligner index from the Library type drop-down list.

Choose the aligner you wish to use from the Aligners drop-down list (Figure 1). All aligners are available for indexing to an annotation model.

The annotation model(s) that have already been associated with an assembly will appear at the top of the Index to drop-down list. Choose the annotation model you wish to index to, select the Build index radio button and click Create (Figure 1). To build an aligner index based on an annotation model, a reference sequence file must already be associated with the assembly.

If you are using an assembly supported by Partek (e.g. human), annotation models from a variety of commonly used sources will appear in the Index to drop-down list in addition to the ones that have already been associated with the assembly. If you choose an annotation model that has not already been associated, it will automatically be downloaded prior to building the index.


Figure 1. Building an aligner index for an annotation model 

Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance, please visit our support page to submit a help ticket or find phone numbers for regional support.


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