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To install or upgrade to the latest version of Partek® Flow® software, follow the directions outlined in the Installation Guide.

The first time you log into Partek Flow 11, your page may not automatically refresh. If this occurs, please perform a hard refresh of your browser:

Windows: Hold down Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard
Mac: Hold down Command + Shift + R on your keyboard

  • Added search function in Help menu to directly search the content in documentation page
  • Added option to choose a number of features to use in PCA computation
  • Minor bug fixes 

Latest docker image:

  • Improved differential analysis report layout
  • Add impute missing value task
  • Minor bug fixes 

Latest docker image:

  • Improved pre-alignment QC report
  • Fixed differential analysis report table download issue
  • Minor bug fixes 

Latest docker image:

  • The user interface now boasts a modern appearance
  • Enhanced the import wizard for greater intuitiveness and user-friendliness
  • Added support for SomaLogic ADAT bulk protein data
  • Improved the file browser for fast access to recent server uploads 
  • Bolstered file protection to prevent accidental deletions when used by other projects
  • Added support for the 10x Genomics Xenium platform 
  • Introduced support for the Nanostring CosMx platform
  • Added a new task for Correlation analysis between different assays
  • Improved scatterplot selection with a handy painting mode 
  • Added the ability to display a high resolution Visium image with a new Spatial imaging report task for quick viewing
  • Added a manual alignment option for tissue image visualization 
  • Streamlined the import process for multiple files per sample, e.g. import all 3 sparse matrix (feature-barcode-matrix) files per sample for all samples at one time 
  • Added more available information on the Annotated region report
  • Improved the Seurat object conversion to be more intuitive
  • Added a more detailed report to the Adapter trimming task
  • Creating pseudobulk data by pooling single cells has been made easier with increased functionality
  • Optimized the differential analysis dialogs for improved usability 
  • Changed the default normalization method for bulk RNA-Seq data to Median ratio (DESeq2)
  • Improved the Detect fusions and Trim bases tasks to be more intuitive 
  • Allowed the Single-cell QA/QC task to be performed on individual samples
  • Minor bug fixes 

Latest docker image:

Archived Release Notes -- Partek Flow 10

Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance, please visit our support page to submit a help ticket or find phone numbers for regional support.

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