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Partek Flow provides the infrastructure to isolate data from different users within the same server. This guide will provide general instructions on how to create this environment within Partek Flow. This can be modified to accommodate existing file systems already accessible to the server.

  • Go to Settings > Directory permissions and restrict parent folder access (typically /home/flow) to Administrator accounts only

    Figure 1. Setting directory permission for administrators
  • Click the Permit access to a new directory button and navigate to the folder with your library files (typically /home/flow/FlowData/library_files). Select the All users (automatically updated) checkbox to permit all users (including those that will be added in the future) to see the library files associated with the Partek Flow server

    Figure 2. Allow all users permission to see the library files
  • Then go to System preferences > Filesystem and storage and set the Default project output directory to "Sample file directory"

    Figure 3. Set default project output directory

  • Create your first user and select the Private directory checkbox. Specify where the private directory for that user is located

    Figure 4. Adding a user with a private directory

  • If needed, you can create a user directory by clicking Browse > Create new folder

    Figure 5. Create a new private user folder

  • This automatically sets browsing permissions for that private directory to that user

    Figure 6. Private directories automatically get restricted permissions

  • When a user creates a project. The default project output directory is now within their own restricted folder

    Figure 7. Project output directory will now be within private directory
  • More importantly, other users cannot see them

    Figure 8. Other users' directories are not visible

  • Add additional users as needed

Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance, please visit our support page to submit a help ticket or find phone numbers for regional support.

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