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If a Partek Flow task fails (no project report is produced), please follow the directions in Reporting a problem.


Sometimes the estimation results are not missing but the reported values look inadequate. If this is the case, the Extra details report may show that the estimation procedure generated a warning, and the triangle is yellow. To remove suspicious results in the report, set Use only reliable estimation results to Yes in the Advanced Options (Figure 3). The warnings will then be treated the same way as estimation failures.


To see the results for as many features as possible, regardless of how reliable they are, set Use only reliable estimation results to No and the result will be reported unless there is an estimation failure. For example, DESeq2 uses Cook’s distances to flag features with outlying expression values . If and if “Use reliable results” is set to Yes (Figure 3) the p-values for such features are not reported which may lead to some missing values in the report (set Use only reliable estimation results to No to avoid this).