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When left Left single click clicking on a any task (rectanglethe rectangles) in the analysis pipeline , there is Task actions section show up on will cause a Task Actions section to appear in the pop-up menu, it . This allows user users to:

  • Rerun tasktasks: re-run rerun the selected task, the task dialog will popup, user pop-up and users can change parameter parameters of the task. Downstream Previous downstream analysis of the selected task will not be rerun.
  • Rerun with downstream tasks: re-run rerun the selected task, the task dialog will popuppop-up, user users can change the parameters of the current task , and the downstream analysis will be rerun with the same configuration of as the previous one.
  • Edit description: the description of the task can be replaced by manually type typing in string.
  • Change color: choose a color to apply only on the selected task only when click by clicking on Apply, click . Click Apply to downstream to change the selected task and all the downstream pipeline color with to the newly selected color.
  • Delete task: this option is only available when if the user is the owner of the project or the owner of the task. When delete a task is deleted, all downstream tasks, including tasks from other users, will be deleted. You can Users may check the box to choose to delete the task's output files. If not check delete output files is not checked, the task will be removed from the pipeline, but the output files of the task will still be remain on the disk. 
  • Restart task: this option is only available on failed task, and only available to users who has admin role. When restart a task, you don't need a license, the output file will count against tasks and requires an admin role to perform, but does not require that you have a user account. Since you are logged in as an admin, restarting a task will not take up a concurrent seat and the disk space consumed by the output files will count towards the original owner of the task's storage space.

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