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SubtitleTextPre-alignment QA/QC setup dialog (defaults)

Most sequencing applications now use the phred quality score. This score indicates the probability that the base was accurately identified. The table below shows the corresponding base call accuracies for each score:

Phred Quality ScoreBase Call Accuracy


The task report is organised in two tiers. The initial view shows project-level report with all the samples. An overview table is at the top, while matching plots are below. 

The Pre-alignment QA/QC output table contains one input file per row, with typical metrics on columns (%GC: fraction of GC content; %N: fraction of no-calls) (Figure 3). The file names are hyperlinks, leading to the sample-level reports. To save the table as a txt file to a local computer, push the Download link. Table columns can be sorted using double arrows icon ().