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This document is specific to the installation of a floating concurrent Partek® Genomics Suite® license on a Windows server. It is not required to install the full version of Partek on your license server; only the license server executables installed by the Partek License Server installer are required to serve Partek FlexNet licenses on your network.


1. Download the Windows Installer.


  • The full pathname will be "C:\FlexNet\license.lic"


To install FlexNet to run as a system service (use admin privileges or right click and "Run as administrator"):


For a step-by-step video to help you set up your license server on a Windows platform, please visit:

Firewall Configuration

For information about firewall configuration, refer to the FlexNet License Administration Guide and/or the ReadMe_FlexNetFirewallPinholes.txt document located in your FLEXnet folder. 

Advanced Configuration

For advanced configuration options or questions, refer to the FlexNet License Administration Guide.