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Full Webinar

Time: 1.25 hours

This training webinar was recorded live.

Webinar Breakdown

Topics have been broken out into bite-size videos for your convenience.


Time: 1 minute

Data Set Overview

Time: 1 minute

Bulk RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline

Time: 37 minutes

ATAC-Seq Alignment

Time: 2.5 minutes

Filter Alignment

Time: 3.5 minutes

Peak Detection and Chromosome View

Time: 11 minutes

Filter Peaks

Time: 3 minutes

Peak Annotation

Time: 7.5 minutes

Compare Peak Regions Across Samples

Time: 5 minutes

Compare Peak Regions Across Different Groups

Time: 7 minutes

Motif Detection

Time: 3 minutes

RNA-Seq and ATAC-Seq Integration

Time: 10.5 minutes

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