Partek® Pathway® provides a visualization tool for pathway enrichment spreadsheets utilizing the KEGG database. This tutorial will illustrate:




Description of the Data Set

The pathway enrichment analysis illustrated in this user guide uses the miRNA Expression and Integration with Gene Expression data set . This data set is also used in our miRNA data analysis tutorial

Download and save the zipped project folder in an accessible location on your computer. The project folder for the tutorial will be created in the same location the zipped project folder is stored. 

Importing the Data Set

Import the project using the zipped project importer in Partek Genomics Suite. 

The project will open with three spreadsheets:

1. Affy_miR_BrainHeart_intensities,

2. Affy_HuGeneST_BrainHeart_GeneIntensities,

3. ANOVAResults gene.